In this Monday, Apr 17, 2017 photo, "Infowars" host Alex Jones comes to this Travis County Courthouse within Austin, Texas. Jones, a right-wing radio stations host and conspiracy theorist, is really a performance specialist in whose true individuality is certainly not such as his on-air persona, in accordance with his personal attorney statement.

Members of the Newtown Board of Education hoped the newly elected President Donald Trump would promptly speak out in opposition to conspiracy theorists and others that question the entire Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Two months down the road, they have yet to obtain a response.

This school board sent a one-page letter back in February, requesting President Trump to “denounce the lies, because the opinions of those who deny what actually transpired continue to be hurting the local community”, said Keith Alexander, board chairman.

The actual letter designates and centers out Alex Jones a radio host, in which “Infowars” programming has claimed this massacre was a hoax.

While still being a candidate, Mr. Trump voiced admiration with regard to Jones in a December 2015 interview, informing Jones: “Your reputation is without a doubt remarkable. I will not disappoint you.

“I don’t think the president can do anything about this conspiracy theory, even if he wanted to,” Pozner said. “The origin of conspiracy theories is a mistrust of government.”

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