Handling Trump’s Travel Ban

Trump’s travel ban sparks a reaction from major Social media gents. In the past two days, things have taken a massive turn. Techno giants: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have made a legal filing against the travel ban. The legal filing is expected to toss the ban out the window. Around 160 companies have joined hands in this protest and filing of papers to the courts. They have signed a “friend of court” document against Trump’s executive travel ban. The filing was done for the District of Maryland so far.

Federal Judges

Trump’s executive order was halted temperately by Federal judges. The original order was issued in the month of March. The order allowed the closing of US borders to nationals and refugees from 6 countries. To be more precise, people from 6 Muslim-majority nations were stopped and centered out, can you say “Profiling”. With time, the ruling triggered an enforced ban on nationals from Yemen, Iran, Somalia, Libya, and Sudan. People from these countries were stopped for 90 days for no reason other then being from these country’s.

A Powerful Ban

Judges at Maryland issued a similar injunction. Several advocacy groups filed complaints against the order that discriminated against Muslims. The complaint filed by the techno giants was very brief and to the point. It had the argument that people shouldn’t be discriminated due to their religion. Also, it spoke of how the president overstepped his authority and tried changing the country’s rules and or Laws on his own accord. The brief file gave a clear picture of how US companies, its employees, and the country’s overall economy gets affected by these type of restrictive rule. The ban has made it very difficult for companies to attract talented news foreign employees. This has increased the cost to the company. On the whole, Trump’s travel ban has made life difficult for both corporate organizations and commoners alike. this course of action has triggered many companies to invest in countries that are immigrant friendly. On the other hand, Trump believes that the travel ban would protect US national security and he isn’t budging one way or the other.


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