Miami Florida also ranked ninth in the top 10 US cities for economic potential

Miami Florida is one of the top 10 destinations for business in the Americas and one of the major up and coming cities of the future, according to a report by Foreign Direct Investment Magazine (FDIM).

The report places Miami Florida among top 10 ranking “American Cities of the Future 2017-18”, a classification that a panel of judges makde taking into account factors such as economic potential, connectivity and foreign investment strategy, among others.

“It’s wonderful to see the validation of what we already know about Miami-Dade County, which is a successful global business destination,” said Sheldon T. Anderson, interim president and chief executive officer of the Miami-Dade Beacon Council, a non-profit organization and official business partner of the county.

The city selections were, in this order, “New York, New York; San Francisco, California; Houston Texas; Toronto and Montreal, Canada; Boston, Massachusetts; Atlanta Georgia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Austin, Texas; And Miami Florida”.

Miami also ranked ninth in the top 10 US cities by economic potential, ranked fifth in foreign investment strategy, sixth in connectivity, and tenth in ease of business and foreign investment.

The FDIM report, which belongs to the Financial Times of London, is held every two years and classifies the cities according to their size (large, medium, small and micro). The 2017-18 study analyzed more than 400 cities.

In addition to the potential for investments, the publication also considered the following factors for the Miami Florida ranking:

▪ The designation of the Miami International Airport (MIA) as a Pharma Hub (which transports pharmaceuticals in accordance with industry best practices in the world), granted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Based in Geneva. Only two airports in the world have that distinction.

▪ The growing ecosystem of technological innovation, with several incubators and programming trainings (including one from Canada and one from Spain).

▪ The “One Community One Goal” strategic plan, a roadmap for county economic growth, and its focus on high growth and talent development sectors of the Miami-Dade Public School system.

▪ The Miami-Dade Beacon Council’s focus on global investment growth with international economic development missions to European and Latin American countries.

Miami’s international workforce, low corporate taxes, strategic location, connectivity and recent investments in Port-Miami and MIA were also cited as reasons why companies are investing in the county.


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