Donald Trump has a trait that the establishment considers questionable. Ironically, it appeals to substantial US residents that voted for him. He is an outspoken guy who doesn’t care how anybody would receive the stuff he said. Here within Nigeria, I met individuals who remained quiet and optimistic of Donald Trump and remembering those people who made noise and danced the victory dance for Hillary Clinton thinking she was a shoe in for the presidency.

Anyhow, the right man is now in charge. Trump’s victory by no means came to me as a surprise yet it had been as if I was seeing Americans do “stupid” for the very first time; protesting everything in advance without thinking it through, i thought this must be what USA individuals just did.

Trump’s courage and his audacity with which he waded through the heavy storm that began within his party ought to be  and should be commended. To individuals who seen and read between the lines, seen Trump’s victory as no surprise.

Trump’s campaign thrust turned the united states candidate into a greasily bear, clumsy or even toothless bulldog.

Trump stated in regards to immigration, “only those who have genuine purpose or business should enter the United states”. Which country would not want it to be this way?

Trump is simply a straight liner.

He focused on the ordinary American laborers that are paid by the hour and unlike his opponent, he didn’t present or paint any superficial Picasso pictures.

He pointed out the fallback of the present system.

He incited anger and worry and made a glaring promise. Financing, Nationalism and Patriotism, principles and ideology.

Those of us who believed in him adore him.

It is a firm belief that Trump is likely to make well deserved changes that past leaders could not or would not.. This is coming at a time when the people are starving for change. It’s a wonder if those individuals protesting against Trump and causing chaos are real Americans.

Real People in america cared and wanted a new status quo.

It’s simple to define who Trump is, a businessman then and now a president. He’s set to solve the country’s problems.

Trump knows that just as it is in business, so it can be an advantage using those skills mastered from his corporate past, utilized in developing a better America and creating jobs for the working class.Trump just needs to make this point vivid to the general public.

Citizens of numerous nations should get up on their feet and just like President Trump, think and believe that their own countries comes 1st.

Countries must be elf-reliance and think of not just consuming, but also producing. Nigeria doesn’t come first to 1 / 2 of Nigerians, in my humble opinion. This needs to change for us soon.

There is NO order in Nigeria today, highly certified professional individuals run to other nations and take there skills with them out of Nigeria. OK, Back to USA.

The united states can go on with the old none productive methods or make that change and be recognized as a country with courage to stand up to the banking cartel and corporations in favor of its people.

Those folks or media geared to hang President Trump should understand that Nigerians and Muslims are United states citizens so how or why would Trump try to drive them out? It is time for you to be pragmatic. “Together, we can Make the Change“.


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