Republican Rep. Billy Long, 2nd right, speaks to the press in front of the White House in Washington, May 3, 2017, following a meeting with President Donald Trump on health insurance reform. From left to right, the Republican representatives Michael Burgess, Texas; Rep. Fred Upton, Michigan, and Greg Walden, Oregon Susan Walsh AP Photo

Republicans in the House of Representatives claim to be able to get approval for their health insurance reform and give a victory to President Donald Trump, six weeks after almost giving it up for dead and days after the moderates in their ranks seemingly Denied their support.

They planned to put the project to a vote on Thursday, which was reformed after its defeat in March to win the votes of the intransigent right and some centrists. In a final twist, a modest sum was added to help people with preexisting illnesses pay for their insurance, a problem that recently almost provoked a rebellion among the Republicans.

“We will approve this project,” the head of the Republican party Kevin McCarthy predicted Wednesday night. Mark Meadows, president of Freedom Caucus, the right-wing recalcitrant within the bloc, said Thursday morning in declaring his optimism in a television interview.

The bitter struggle to repeal and replace the health insurance law popularly known as Obamacare dominated debates in Congress, even as it approached the $ 1 trillion allowance to keep the federal government running until September.

The House approved the budget measure on Wednesday and the Senate is expected to do so on Thursday to prevent a weekend closure of the government that both parties want to avoid, particularly Republicans, who control both the White House and the legislative .


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