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The House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday requested the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) all paperwork that its former director James Comey made about his discussions with Mr. trump.

The petition, signed by committee chairman, Republican Jason Chaffetz, includes “memos, notes, summaries and recordings” held by the Federal bureau of investigation to be presented by May 24.

“If true, these memorandums raise questions about whether the president tried to influence or impede the FBI’s investigation of General (Michael) Flynn,” Chaffetz said in his letter to the acting director, Andrew G. McCabe.

This request comes after The New York Times today revealed the existence of documents generated by Comey in order to document their conversations with Trump.

In one of these docs, Comey picked up Trump’s request to end an investigation into the ties with Russia of his former national security adviser, retired Gen. Michael Flynn.

“I hope I can let this go,” Trump informed Comey, according to the former FBI editor of The New York Times. “He’s a good guy,” he said, according to the New York version of the newspaper.

Trump ended on Tuesday to Comey, who led the FBI examination to explain ties between Russian officials and Trump’s presidential campaign, an issue that Congress furthermore addresses.

Flynn continues to be in the center of that investigation since shortly after the arrival of the tycoon towards the White House.

This particular ornamented general advised Trump with foreign policy during the campaign and was later appointed national security adviser, a position he was compelled to resign after lying about his contacts with the Russian ambassador in Washington.
The other day, the Senate Intelligence Committee requested him to hand over all documents linked to Russia, after his refusal to cooperate with the investigation without having prior impunity.


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