The North Korean army can do a lot of damage but it has several weaknesses in the event of a war: shortages of food and fuel, obsolete and limited military equipment, old combat aircraft and anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic defense systems that are not Precisely the best to face the US Army. North Korea practices a histrionic discourse that is summed up in a phrase “Leave us alone” and carries out ballistic and nuclear tests as deterrence exercises but with the president of the USA. Donald Trump they might want to be careful as this president is apt to do anything at anytime.

Serious problems could plague Pionyang’s military forces, some experts estimate

North Korea’s recent large-scale military exercises, involving hundreds of artillery units, submarines and soldiers, appeared to demonstrate the formidable military power of Kim Jong-un, who personally witnessed this great simulacrum with real fire.

The Asian country has the fourth largest army in the world, comprising more than one million troops, as well as seven million reserve troops. According to information from the South Korean Ministry of Defense, its northern neighbor has about 8,600 artillery units, 5,500 multiple rocket launchers and 4,300 tanks.

It is also estimated that they can have up to 5,000 tons of chemical weapons at its disposal. In addition, it seems that the Asian nation is actively developing its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

However, some military experts say that in fact North Korean forces face a number of basic problems ranging from fuel shortages to equipment aging.

“If the Korean People’s Army ever takes part in a decisive conventional war, it will only be 30 days before something as fundamental as fuel, or bullets and parts runs out.

They could even be sold out in two weeks, “says a US Army ex-officer. Quoted by the Financial Times.

The US Department of Defense Said in its 2015 report that the North Korean Army “has not acquired new fighter jets in recent decades, relies on outdated air defense systems and lacks ballistic missile defense.”


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