NATIONAL SECURITY BUDGET GRIN , Could be Good or Bad, what do you think?


The most recent figures related to President Trump’s proposed increases in United States Government spending, together with cuts at the State Department, show the general nationwide security budget of the United States rising once more, with the 2018 proposal inside the ballpark of $1.1 trillion.

As you can imagine, that’s the most significant military spending budget in the world with a far measure. As the numbers are converted into their component parts, however, it becomes particularly surprising precisely how funds are vanishing not only into the general war-fighting spending budget, but into related costs of having such a enormous military for so long.

For curiosity, Veterans Affairs is expected to eat up $183.5 billion, which by itself will come very close to to be the second biggest military budget on earth, just at the rear of China’s $200 billion overall cost to its vast army. Figuring in other retirement costs, the cost of retirees is even bigger.

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