Donald J. Trump, stamps his signature on the regulations that validate the imposition of tariffs on imports of plates and solar cells and residential washing machines in the Oval Office of the White House, Washington, DC. January 23, 2018. Mary Netherlander - Conspiracy Talk News

Donald Trump lashed out at London Mayor Sadig Khan on Sunday, blaming him of downplaying the terrorist danger, a day after the attacks that hit the British capital.

The London mayor ignored Trump’s compilation of tweets, while his critics accused him of exploiting a terrorist attack for his political benefit, which isn’t the very first time he does.

A spokesman for the mayor said that Khan “has more essential activities to do than respond to Trump’s naive tuit.”

Trump criticized Khan’s attempt to reassure Londoners after three attackers ran over people on the streets using a van and then stabbed others.

“At least 7 citizens were killed and 48 injured in a terrorist attack, and the mayor of London states there is” no reason at all to be concerned, “” the united states president wrote in the tweet.

Trump reported the attack showed it was time to “stop being politically correct and deal with the security problem of our people.”

Last night, while the situations unfolded, the president wrote on Twitter that the attacks highlighted the need to employ a restriction of admission to the United States of travelers between several countries where the Muslim religion is the predominant.

Khan, in an interview together with the BBC several hours following the attacks, said: “My message to Londoners and people who visit our big city is to continue to be calm and watchful today. They’ll observe a greater police presence, which includes officers in uniform in addition to armed. There isn’t any reason for them to be alarmed about it. ”
Answering Trump’s criticism, a spokesperson reported the mayor had “more important things to do than reply to tweets that intentionally take their claims out of context.”

On his side, the united states ambassador in London, Lew Lukens, endorsed Khan in a series of tweets in which he praised the “extraordinary” response of Londoners and emergency providers.

“I applaud the strong leadership of @MororofLondon as he drove the city forward after this hate attack,” stated Lukens, quoted in the Twitter account of the usa Legation.

It is not the first time Trump has been accused of using terrorist strikes for political gain, and with Londoners still in shock, the president’s tweets triggered formidable responses for both sides of the Atlantic.

David Lammy, a Labor Party parliamentarian, wrote as part of his Twitter account: “Cheap, nasty and improper for a head of state. The kind of stuff that make me want to give up politics on this sort of day. Evil everywhere we have seen. “


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