A Colombian and a Salvadoran were accused of obtaining false immigration documents with the intention of living and working in the United States illegally. Archive / CTN News

Immigration authorities at Miami International Airport (MIA) detained two travelers, one from Colombia and yet another from El Salvador, on charges of fraud linked to their visas, according to Federal Court public records.

The busts come as United States Attorneys General Jeff Sessions and Alexander Acosta have directed a tightening up of criminal and administrative procedures towards foreigners charged with committing fraud by obtaining their fake visas or entering the country. Through trickery, lies, or documentation.

Acosta proclaimed Tuesday that after a review, new types of protection for US workers and measures to counter visa fraud for foreign workers would be put into effect.

On April 11, Sessions revealed that it had issued orders to all prosecutors in the United States to file criminal charges against any foreigner who uses deceptiveness, fraud, lies as well as subterfuge to enter the united states illegally.

Among the priorities specifically mentioned was the use of fraud to acquire immigration documents.

“Wherever possible,” Sessions mentioned April 11, “prosecutors will get guidelines for criminal charges against foreigners charged with committing document fraud along with identity theft.”


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