FBI Director Andrew McCabe testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee in Washington on Thursday, May 11, 2017. Photo Archive / CTN News

Four senior officials of the United States security are appearing before a congressional commission Wednesday for the investigation of suspected Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign, ahead of testimony by former Federal bureau of investigation director James Comey on Thursday.

The Senate Intelligence Committee will get from the Director of Intelligence, Dan Coates, 14:00 GMT in a public hearing; To his couple of the espionage company, Mike Rogers; Interim director of the Federal bureau of investigation, Andrew McCabe; And to Justice Department Rod Rosenstein.

Legislators will attempt to know the status of investigations within piracy operations and Russian influence through the election campaign, but additionally about their most sensitive aspect: possible coordination between relatives of Trump and Moscow.
It’s not certain that everyone can or will touch upon such a sensitive and in part secret case, primarily after a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, who took over the investigation.

But Coats and Rogers will probably be questioned in particular about personal pressures that the president would’ve exerted on them.
Based on the Washington Post, Trump would’ve asked them in March to defend him publicly against allegations of collusion with Russia, which they would have denied.

The hearing on Wednesday will serve as a prelude to the week’s event: the testimony, before the same MPs on Thursday, of James Comey, dismissed May 9 from the direction of the federal police (FBI), who has remained silent since that time.

“I’m glad it’s a public hearing,” explained Senate Democrat chief Chuck Schumer. “On such a serious issue, Americans need to hear the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”
In accordance with CNN, Comey is willing to tell every little thing he knows.

The Comey hearing, that will take place in a huge room, will be uniquely broadcast by national broadcasters ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as information channels.

The bars within the federal capital will open early to broadcast the session.
In accordance with ABC and CNN, the former Federal bureau of investigation director will not accuse the president of obstructing justice, but will deny some of his claims, such as when he stated in May that Comey had assured him that the president’s name did not appear in that investigation.

The previous FBI agent will be presented as a “witness for the facts,” describing his trades with the president and “will leave legal analysis to other people,” according to an anonymous source in close proximity to Comey quoted by CNN.

“Instead of leaning on news articles and rumors, we will ask those directly involved,” said Republican Senator Marco Rubio, one of 15 commission members.

“The real question is to know which Comey will reach the Senate. If one who dies wanting to reveal the ins and outs of Trump’s unpredictable and strange daydreams, or even the police who prefers the ‘no comment,’ “asked law professor Jens David Ohlin.

Trump has publicly said he really wants to turn the page, but the “Russian case” paralyzes his presidency.

“There isn’t any question that parliamentary focus on these investigations is diverting the legislative agenda,” White House director Marc Short said Monday.
Aside from the investigation supervised by Robert Mueller, which aims to distinguish possible crimes, Congress conducts its very own investigations, summoning witnesses and demanding the filing of documents.

For now, however, collusion hasn’t been publicly tested.

Asked about Tuesday’s hearing on Comey, Trump answered, “I wish him good luck.”


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