To the Trump administration, a ‘terrorist’ label is nothing more than a foreign policy tool of america and its partners.

US Leader Donald Trump headlined a extensively celebrated summit in Saudi Arabia bringing together the actual heads of state of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) and many of their regional allies to validate their dedication to this never-ending struggle against “terrorism”.

Just 2 weeks later, one wonders whether the GCC will go down as yet one more in a long line of failed enterprises that got the trademarked Trump touch. During the celebrations within Riyadh, just about all participants agreed together with the general tenor of Trump’s “terrorism is bad” dialog.

They applauded enthusiastically, touched a radiant orb, and went back home focused on fighting their prevalent scourge.

The heart and soul with the challenge, it seems, is that no-one can quite agree with who the terrorists tend to be that they are meant to be fighting.

However Air Force One had hardly departed Riyadh when the governments of Saudi Arabia along with the United Arab Emirates brought out a well-coordinated diplomatic plus media attack on adjoining Qatar, attributing bogus assertions to its ruler, banning it’s media outlets, and accusing Qatar’s authorities of aiding “terrorism”.

Then on Monday, Saudi Arabia and the UAE were joined by Egypt as well as Bahrain in cutting all diplomatic connections with Qatar. The following day, Trump tweeted his enthusiastic support for the restriction on the longtime US ally, probably launching the crisis in to uncharted waters.

Although the Trump current administration has halted short of formally designating this Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist organisation” to date, it has supported the view it should nevertheless be handled as one.
The most recent escalation in this regional rivalry symbolizes a mix of settling old scores plus vigorously combining a unitary vision for the Middle East.

Trump’s expansive view of “terrorism”, shared by his Saudi and Emirati partners, proficiently incorporates any kind of group or party opposed to authoritarianism or even occupation, no matter whether these people take part in actual violence.


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