Since Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2012, seven US states have followed suit, including California and Massachusetts, as well as the federal capital Washington. Archive Photo - CTN News

These are bankers, accountants, computer engineers that love Marijuana and would like to invest and work in the Cannabis sector.

One hundred of them participated this week in The big apple in the workshop “How to invest in cannabis”, aside from a specialist salon dedicated to this sector in the boom, with approximately $ 7 billion in billing anticipated this coming year.

These individuals included Mark Giannone with the exceptional son Justin, inhabitants of neighboring New Jersey.

“We really love this particular plant, we want to get involved with this market, we feel that there’s a whole lot more to take advantage of than merely recreational use,” describes Justin, a 31-year-old cybersecurity engineer.

“The industry is still very uncertain, I don’t want to play roulette, “adds Mark, 60, an accountant.

Patricia’s project, which doesn’t want to reveal her surname because she “works for your federal government,” is more advanced: this 33-year-old woman wishes to open a bank clinic in Connecticut with her banker husband this year.

Both the state of Connecticut as well as New Jersey legalized the medical use of marijuana. Nevertheless its government bodies only attribute permits inside dropper.

Convinced of the benefits of a marijuana these people understand to consume regularly, Mark, Justin and Patricia represent a brand new influx of entrepreneurs wanting to put money into the sector prior to full legalization arrives and “Wall Street and the big groups” go on it by assault, Mentioned Mark.

Since Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2012, seven US states have followed suit, including California and Massachusetts, as well as the federal capital Washington.
The usage of pot for therapeutic purposes is already authorized in 29 states, plus the federal capital.

Entrepreneur trainees hope that in spite of ultraconservatives from President Donald Trump’s government, such as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the industry will keep this upward bend forecasted by experts, who are betting for a $ 23 billion marketplace by 2020.

And they expect that in a few years, a lot of states are going to have legalized recreational use, pressing the federal government to review its position along with other nations around the world like the Eurpean people that have taken that step.

“We are witnessing more and more non-marginal professionals eminating from the realm of finance, through the big companies in the agricultural world or maybe from science, dedicated to the sector,” says Karson Humiston, chief of the Vangst specialist recruiting consultancy, who traveled from Denver towards the New York salon.

“We receive 500 curricula vitae per day, individuals coming from all over the region and beyond, who view a chance to enhance their income or their particular career and who are also often enthusiastic about the topic,” says this 24-year-old businesswoman.

“We could believe we’re in the Silicon Valley when the hi-tech industry just took off,” he added.

Nevertheless Nichole West, based in Denver and host of one of the workshops of the week, doesn’t hide the difficulties in the sector.

This pioneer speaks of the headaches she had at the beginning, which almost left her in personal bankruptcy. However she recovered and from now on, at the age of 32, she is v . p . of “Sweet Leaf”, an organization of over 400 individuals who grow and sells marijuana and by-products.

The rules of states that have legalized marijuana are very varied and frequently perplexing, which creates massive uncertainty for enterprises, he explains.

Even though the proportion of Americans in favor of legalization keeps growing – Sixty one percent last April, in accordance with a CBS News poll – many still view weed as being a dangerous drug.

A hostility that must be respected to be successful, cautions West.

“Keep faraway from children” especially from educational institutions, he says. “It is enough that only one mommy faces them, and you’ll be the devil!”, He describes to his students.

“Make contributions to detox centers, they will show that you know that drugs are a problem, although cannabis isn’t a part of that,” he says.

Many of his college students grew up in a time whenever smoking a joint seemed to be absolutely nothing astonishing, and this week they seemed convinced that accepting marijuana was only a matter of time.

Additionally they cite recent studies showing some great benefits of cannabis on some diseases, for example epilepsy.

“There continues to be opprobrium, yet as compared to five or ten years ago, it has entirely changed,” says Patricia of Connecticut.

“When you start educating people, they change their minds.”


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