Individuals are seen in silhouette as they look at a screen showing a world map with climate flaws during the World Climate Change Convention in 2015 Archive Photo/CTN News

We must not let unsupported Science claims or vested interests redirect us all from what we know will be the right plan of action.

Coming from across the Atlantic ocean, the EU scientific community is observing warily as our American colleagues endure progressively more politicized attacks on their work as well as on the very foundation of evidence-based science.

President Donald Trump‘s final decision earlier this month to withdraw the USA from the historic Paris Agreement on Climatic change – a decision criticized by heads of state, organizations, mayors as well as common individuals the US and the world over – epitomized this disregard for the facts coming from some inside the political sphere.

We can, to some degree, relate, as many European scientists – and particularly those who research climate change and its impacts, as I do – have been forced to confront the politicization of their disciplines, the distortion of their research and the promotion of “alternative facts” and vested-interest propaganda.


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