Adolf Hitler might NOT be Dead, as some still believe.

The very first inquiries in a general public opinion poll in regards to a conspiracy theory centered around the death or demise of Adolf Hitler.

Although the Soviets had swiftly confirmed by way of dental documents that the remains gathered in Germany in May 1945 were without a doubt Hitler’s, Stalin told Truman at Potsdam that Adolf Hitler had not died.

As a result of this disinformation, only 16% of american citizens believed Adolf Hitler had been dead in a September 1945 Gallup poll.

The United kingdom government attempted to dispel this particular myth simply by asking for former British intelligence official Hugh Trevor Roper to write a book revealing Hitler’s committing suicide.

The Last Days of Hitler was printed around 1947, however 45% of American that year informed Gallup that they even now believed Adolf Hitler remained still living.


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