NASA Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow is utterly convinced that aliens have an “existing presence” among human beings on Earth.

Bigelow revealed his belief in earth residing extraterrestrials, in an meeting on the TV program 60 Minutes at the end of May. When the reporter pushed him by asking where could these types of aliens be found, he responded: “under our noses.”

NASA has been working tightly together with the billionaire entrepreneur and aerospace engineer for a long period now. His company, Bigelow Aerospace, has been developing “Expandable Bigelow Advanced Station Enhancement (XBASE)” space habitats. NASA are utilizing them within the International Space Station.

Not surprisingly, it came out as a great jolt to a lot of TV audiences of Sixty minutes, that someone who works together with NASA would admit into a sincere belief that extraterrestrial creatures walk among us on this planet.

Whenever pressed for facts, Bigelow refused to offer any information.

Many Ufologists have welcomed this admission by Bigelow. They see his position in the aerospace marketplace as presenting him much credibility in his claims. Even so, skeptics have hurried forward to discount his allegations. They believe that until there’s extraordinary proof for these extraordinary claims, then we mustn’t rush to believe Bigelow’s anecdotal opinions.

Indeed, many reputable researchers admit that statistically, it’s likely extraterrestrials really exist “out there.” Nonetheless, they are even now reluctant to presume it’s possible that they’re visiting us on this planet.

A senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, is one such doubter of Bigelow. Even though he doesn’t refute the possibility that alien life is likely and exists somewhere else in the universe, as well as possibly within our solar system, he draws attentions to that there continues to be absolutely no evidence produced they exist here on earth.

Even Stephen Hawking, probably the most famous cosmologists of our time believes in aliens. The fact is, he also believes such extraterrestrials will be hostile in addition to lethal towards humans. Nevertheless, he doesn’t believe that we will make contact at any point in the near future.

Indeed, it might be quite conceited, within such an massive universe, for humankind to think that we are the only lifeforms.

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