In reading the most popular news of the week, I see that the reality of life operates according to the Taoist principle of yin and yang, referring to the duality present in everything existing in the universe. Although not absolute, everything has its opposite, especially human behavior and moral rule.

To recognize the light we must lose ourselves in the dark and, to know what the cold is, we must feel the heat.

Endowed with will and free will, human beings have the power to choose, through decisions made in a jiffy, actions and reactions, on which side of the coin we prefer to coinage. It was evidenced, almost simultaneously, in a beach of Florida and a street of West Kendall.

Jesus Esquivel had run out of battery and was angry, as if the apocalypse had come. He called the aid association to the AAA driver enraged, as the battery required for his Cadillac Escalade was not within the agency’s reach. He proffered insults and vulgarities, demanding the impossible at that moment. Concerned to his regret, the dispatcher sent a mechanic to assist him in the repair of the vehicle.

With diligence, Magdiel Hernández went to work, a job of citizen aid that drivers in general, distressed in the middle of the road, we do not value enough and yet it takes us out of trouble. Shortly after, after a verbal altercation, the young employee of AAA of Nicaraguan origin finished riddled with bullets. Esquivel, who had been accused of murder in the second degree, had been bothered by the time it took to arrive.

Enclosed in the narrow confines of a distorted mind, the subject bet on the tyranny of egocentrism, instead of estimating the victim’s generous attempt to succor it. With each shot, he undermined faith in humanity, shattered the faculty of reasoning, and tinged the candor of the soul with penumbra.

Three days earlier, in Panama City Beach, on the northwestern tip of the Florida peninsula, Roberta Ursrey listened to the howls of her 11- and 8-year-old sons, drawn at high speed by a strong sea current. She was precipitated by the maternal instinct, that emotional bond without barriers, she ran to the rescue of her beloved offspring, but she, along with her mother and other family members, were trapped in the hangover in an agonizing struggle to stay afloat.

When she saw the emergency, Jessica Simmons and her husband quickly summoned the bathers around her and, as links of a greater good, strangers took hold of the hand to constitute a stupendous human chain committed to save strangers despite their own risks . Around 80 people were able to pull up to the shore, one by one, almost drowned.

These bathers were not willing to immerse themselves in indifference and to remain there, unmoved by the tragedy of others, but they took action in order to succor the needs of others. Vivifica saw how the spontaneous solidarity of these people, without professional rescuers, saved so many lives. They reversed the course of the current and went upwards, towards life, towards the spirit.

Such children will likely be prone to gestures of affection, demonstrations of altruism, and the development of empathy with the emotions of others, while the relatives of the victim of vehicular motor vehicle murder have been condemned to pain, trauma, The distrust that distance from the neighbor.

Both episodes, so heterogeneous in their nature, reach an interconnection and give us a valuable lesson about good and evil derived from free will. Life places us in situations, geographies and times. But one is the owner of the last word, when choosing an address for thought or action.


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