Learn the best home gardening tips to preserve the color, aroma and liveliness of the potted flowers that adorn your home.

One of the best ways to fill and color a space, is by placing different types of plants and flowers. Various studies have shown that plants and flowers have a great effect on us, such as relaxation. We can not do without them! We know that it is not easy to keep them, so we give you the following tips to choose the ideal way for your home:

 Choice of pots

When choosing a pot you not only have to look at the design or if it clashes with your furniture, you should also think about the material that best suits them, for example, plastic pots are not so recommendable, since it is a material that heats up very quickly in the summer season and can cause a harmful effect in the roots; With pots of clay will make the water evaporate more quickly so you have to water more often. Hanging baskets are ideal for flowering species.


Put gravel or pieces of stones in the bottom of the pot, this will prevent the soil from clogging in the holes in the bottom and allow proper drainage. Keep in mind that garden soil has a high content of clay, which is not good for your flowers; the option is to mix substrate stones or coconut fiber so that they can have better oxygenation and drained.

What Kind of flowers

If you are thinking of placing the pots in a place that gives them a lot of sun, the ideal flowers are geraniums, petunias, roses and zinnias; On the contrary, if they are spaces with shade, we recommend hydrangeas, begonias, anemones, primroses and cyclamens.


As there are species that are cultivated in small spaces, you must be even more careful in the irrigation of these types of plants, if you can acquire an automatic drip irrigation system, this would be absolutely idea and time saving. In case this option is not feasible, you must water them manually; to know when it is time to do it, touch the earth and see how wet it is, simple as that. There are also instruments that measure the humidity to know when to water them.


To prevent your flowers from getting sick and filled with bugs, good hygiene is important, clean the leaves frequently and change the pot and the soil every 1 to 2 years.


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