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Technologies predicting the future are complicated, but sometimes it sounds like fun. Did anyone think 30 years ago that we would have a mobile phone? Now, we do not let go of them. Scientists from DARPA, a company specialized in Defense, have made a series of forecasts of technologies that will accompany us in 30 years. Some of them are to say the least are as disturbing as revolutionary.

The brain, a CPU


Can you imagine being able to control absolutely everything around you with the brain? According to DARPA this will be possible in 2045. Our brain will be able to manage absolutely all the technologies that surround us. We can put the washing machine on only with a thought.

It will also be very useful in some medical advances. Doctor Justin Sánchez explains that for the handicapped this can be a great asset. But it will also be fundamental in personal relationships. We will be able to communicate with our friends just by thinking about that person and transmitting the thoughts that we want. Nobody will hear our conversations! if that don’t blow your mind i don’t know what will, well maybe the next few concepts below.

Do you want it to rain?


Meteorologists are going to be out of work. The technology will advance to the point that there will be tools and products that help prevent droughts. Or the other way around, the floods. In this way, we will be able to decide what we need at any moment. Something that will help improve crops and prevent deaths from natural phenomena.

The Teleportation


You can not tell me you’ve never wanted to teleport? In 2045 it will be possible thanks to modern technology, it will reach the point where home delivery would disappear. According to the calculations of this company, we will pick it up at the restaurant and take it straight home. No need for intermediaries and cold food.

However, this challenge will require a large investment of money by the private sector. Hence it may be delayed for a few more years.

Travel in time or Time Travel


This does sound like science fiction. But it will be a reality, although “it will only be used by the military and i’m sure will be a matter of National Security “, they say that the technology to develop it is getting more and more closer.

Can you imagine being able to travel to the time of Elizabeth II? or know what’s going to happen in 50 years? What we do not know yet is whether we can interact with the future and the past, so that we don’t alter the course of history.

Robots as Companions and friends


Robots-protocol Artificial intelligence will make these machines capable of interacting 100% with us, to the point that they will cooperate with humans to do tasks that we can not or will not. That is, to maximize our abilities, in addition robots will be able to do work that until now required the supervision of a human, especially in transportation. No more having a pilot on the plane or the captain on a boat.

From 2045 they will be everywhere and in all aspects of our lives, they will be able to do things faster and with more security – not only that – they will be able to predict what will happen in a blink of an eye and thus prevent possible accidents or harm to humans.




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