North Korea has been widely criticized and mocked over the fact that the country’s top leader is the grandson and son of previous leaders.

Alejandro Cao de Benós considers that there is no hereditary Juche monarchy in North Korea, although recent North Korean history seems to indicate the opposite.

According to Cao de Benós, 687 deputies vote every 5 years to re-elect their president.

If the North Korean political assembly decides to turn to capitalism, it would take place.

I do not think Alejandro Cao de Benós says this by chance; Because rumors of the most hermetic country in the world indicate that there is a certain disenchantment with Kim Jong-un and that the elites are interested in following the economic trajectory of China and as recognized by Cao de Benós himself, China is more capitalist than European countries; As it has dismantled the social protection system.

North Korean elites are increasingly inclined to believe that Kim Jong-un is a weak leader, notes a report released by the RAND corporation, one of the leading think tanks and studies of US intelligence and defense agencies after interviewing several North Korean defectors, reports CNBC.

“Kim Jong-un appears to the elites as an increasingly ineffective leader and not as a particularly good one, which is how it is probably seen now,” writes analyst Bruce Bennett. “Apart from the North Korean weapons and ballistic missiles of this regime, Kim Jong-un does not have much more to feel empowered,” he adds.

The report also said that if the North Korean leader suddenly died, the country’s elites would not choose a member of their family as their successor, thus ending their political dominance since the founding of the state more than half a century ago.

“North Korean elites have become entrepreneurs,” Bennett said, adding that they “would seek to establish an economy like China.”


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