CHILD Pornography and Priests go Hand In Hand.

A former Catholic priest who was sentenced Thursday to two years of imprisonment for possession and dissemination of child Pornography, said his crimes were his revenge against God.

A New Jersey court sentenced Kevin Gugliotta to up to two years in jail and ruled that he must be registered as a sex offender for 25 years for one count of disseminating child pornography, according to Christian Today.

Police arrested Gugliotta, then a priest in the Archdiocese of Newark, in 2016 and charged him with 40 accounts of spreading child pornography. Gugliotta told officers that he had downloaded and spread the illicit materials to spite God, who he believed was attacking him by causing him to lose high stakes poker games.

“That was his reason. He’s not happy that’s how he felt, as the judge indicated. There are other ways to handle issues and handle anger,” defense attorney Jim Swetz told WNEP.

Gugliotta pleaded guilty to one account of spreading child pornography in exchange for the dismissal of the other 39 accounts. The court barred Gugliotta from gambling for the rest of his life and, in addition to jail and registering as a sex offender, sentenced him to five years of probation after his prison sentence. Gugliotta apologized to the court for his crimes.

“No matter what he says why he did it, he still admits he did it and that’s the important thing as a prosecutor,” said Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards. “The idea that this person is now thankful and sorry for his actions, that’s fine. However, we can’t reach out to these victims. There are children out there who have been harmed greatly by the fact he sat and downloaded and watched on multiple occasions.”

Contributed by Joshua Gill of The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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