Willie Falcon and partner in crime Sal Magluta, being labeled icons and as the cocaine cowboys, tried to KILL Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

What’s not well known about both of these Lords of Cocaine, who dropped out from senior high school and have become smugglers with the Colombian cartel.

Within the mid-1990 s, in the height in the Miami Vice period, these people contributed considerable earnings of drug trafficking bucks towards Cuban paramilitaries who were in exile and who organized to kill Fidel Castro, in accordance with law enforcement official sources and those that knew of such contributions.

While Mr. Magluta will serve a 195-year prison sentence with regard to drug trafficking, Mr. Falcon encounters deportation / removal to Cuba, right after finishing a 20-year sentence in June in which this individual arrived at a binding agreement by pleading guilty to some massive money laundering.

He’s since ended up being detained with an immigration facility in Louisiana.

Falcon, now 61, who had been born inside Cuba, nonetheless, he never ever became a united states citizen, intentions to set up a defense to stop the deportation / removal being a convicted alien within an migrants hearing on Thurs might be next to impossible.

Specifics of the legal fight with government entities will not be obtainable, because immigration data aren’t made public plus your attorneys haven’t returned the calls from us or messages.

The decision from the government to be able to deport Falcón is not really typical, primarily because in excess of 28,000 Cubans found guilty of criminal offenses in the USA haven’t been deported back to Cuba since their weren’t any diplomatic relationships with the the Cuban communist state till 2015. Of all the Cuban bad guys released in to the United states local community, about 2,000 of these have been involved with killings within the state of Florida as well as other states since the 1960 s, as outlined by federal government documents.

Falcon’s sentence has been money laundering associated with drug trafficking, not any aggressive criminal offense. The immigration law event – and also the chance of his deportation / removal back to the island of Cuba – has once again revealed the story plot which he as well as Magluta provided very discreet monetary assistance to anti-Castro activists within Florida, which includes payments to the acquisition of arms, materials in addition to training in the Everglades.

These types of concealed activities, together with a intend to assassinate Fidel Castro, have been covertly backed up by the Central intelligence agency and also propagate throughout the Cold War as well as the later time period, as outlined by published records plus accounts coming from men and women knowledgeable about this murder effort.

Folks near to Falcon, which includes his original defense legal professional, point out Raul Castro’s regime will spot them as being a deadly adversary of the Cuban administration for his initiatives within the covert challenge over 2 decades back as well as for his assist through financing attempts to get rid of Fidel Castro, who passed away not too long ago. Granma, a certified Cuban newspaper, has printed a number of articles or blog posts through the years pinpointing Falcon along with Magluta amongst exiles who’ve been involved with conspiracies to destroy Castro, reports these people obtain through Cuban spies based as well as mixed in the neighborhood exiled by Miami.

Within 1991, Falcon as well as Magluta ended up being charged together with a dozens of affiliates with charges involving conspiracy to import as well as distribute 80 tons of drugs worth over $ 2 million for criminal offenses around 1978.

The federal government case towards Willie and Sal looked like the end of the highway. However in 96, the famed Miami trial resulted in the exoneration connected with Falcon plus Magluta. Right after the court trial, the united states Attorney’s Office as well as the Federal bureau of investigation learned that Falcon and Magluta had purchased the actual jury chief in order to win the case.

Even behind the curtain, even though these folks were within custody during this time period, Falcon with Magluta carried on to work with other drug-dealing associates that funded military services objectives of exiled Cubans in order to kill President Castro, as outlined by a previous agent and those that knew of the donations.

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The associate that called for his assistance ended up being Antonio García Pérez, some sort of Miami drug supplier that had positively backed exiled militant organizations including PUND, along with the National Democratic Unity Party along with its objectives in opposition to Mr. Castro. On the list of individuals PUND may be the well-known Central intelligence agencies agent Luis Posada Carriles, whom devoted his entire life to attempting to eliminate President Castro.

Perez generously donated quite a lot of drug dollars towards the PUND as well as other militant exile groupings irrespective of whether for lessons in the Everglades or perhaps conspiring along with others to assassinate Cuba’s leader F. Castro, as outlined by security agencies and close relatives who knew him.

Nevertheless soon after the criminal arrest with drug charges within TX back in 1994, Perez’s money begun to diminish – despite the fact that his donations to CIA-backed anti-Castro activities aided him obtain a 10-year sentence rather than life imprisonment from the Texas case.

In accordance with their sources, Pérez searched for the aid of Falcon and Magluta to invest in this militant exiles of their plans in opposition to Castro. Perez – with the notorious Central intelligence agency agent Frank Sturgis, one among Watergate’s several crooks – lobbed with Falcon and Magluta intermediaries to gather a large amount of money to the cause, reported by sources and files.

When Magluta ended up being tried for drug money laundering with the 2nd time in Mid 2001, his relative, Alfred Alfonso, testified he had met Magluta as well as Falcon after they ended up in custody inside the federal government prison inside Miami in the 1990’s.

Alonso stated that a couple of men met with Magluta along with Falcón then talked over gathering funds for that anti-Castro assignment. Alsonso revealed one of these as Aldo González, private eye for ‘Los Chicos’; Alonso detailed another like a Cuban “freedom fighter” however he failed to recall the name. Based on various other sources, the 2nd guy ended up being Justo Regalado Borges, the senior official with PUND, the militant group in exile.

Within the Mid 2001 trial, Alonso claimed that after both guys who met Magluta plus Falcon in the detention center at the end of ’95, he took a cash bundle to someone unidentified towards the plan against Castro.

Throughout Magluta’s court trial, district attorney Pat Sullivan questioned Alonso if he’d taken this package deal to some associated with the Cuban exile party.

Alonso responded that he sure did, outlining he has been present in ’95 while that individual frequented this detention facility.

“And what would they speak about?” Sullivan inquired Alonso, who been given immunity in return for his testimony.

“How to overthrow Fidel,” Alonso claimed. “I believe Fidel was going to visit some of those Central American places, and so they wished to get somebody to lay him down.”
To spell out the point to the jury, Sullivan asked Alonso if the visitor to the detention center “was requesting money” to “help his group.”

Alonso’s replied: “That’s right.”


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