Harrison Ford is Hollywood’s heartthrob who is recognized for his smash hit motion pictures as well as genetically-blessed features. Now will be reconfigured for laying out Ryan Gosling.

And yes, Ryan Gosling, now 36, been given a rude waking up on lotion of filming Blade Runner 2049, when the co-star Harrison Ford, now a young 75, unintentionally smacked the pup in the face during filming.

Harrison Ford nailed Ryan Gosling hard.

There’s some thing amazing with regards to Mr. grouchy, avuncular Ford walloping this kind-eyed younger celebrity square in the money-maker, a perception which has exclusively and just now, been burnished by its revealing to the public.

This unintended strike arrived in the midst of a fight scene, so when folks quickly ran to Gosling with a bucket of ice cubes for the mans facial area, Ford as an alternative, made use of the ice-cubes for his fist.

Later on, he explained to GQ that “Gosling’s face ended up being exactly where it shouldn’t have been,” prior to providing some tepid compliments: “He’s a fucking Mouseketeer, the man has been doing this since he had been 6 years of age or something like that”. said Ford jokingly.

Gosling knows what he’s doing, or should.

Blade Runner 2049, follow up to Ridley Scott’s classic, is likely to make viewers question their own “common humanity”, Ford explains to Sky News.

“The concern I have regarding artificial intelligence is always that we might be creating moral choices on a statistical base,” Ford describes.

“I don’t get worried very much of a race of robots overtaking my local community,” he adds amusingly.

Ford obviously does not fear that this sequel will not compare well towards the very first.

“If this does not push folks back to cinemas to view it and keep all of them off their mobile phones for a couple of min’s then I’m going to be significantly disappointed,” he said, just before looking at Gosling and adding “I have already been before!”

“Why do you look at me whenever you say that?” Gosling retorts, faking to be hurt.

“No, no, no I am just simply sharing. Sharing is caring,” Ford states using a naughty look in his eyes.


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