Hillary Clinton accused the WikiLeaks platform on Monday of helping Russia by drawing attention away from voters throughout the United states presidential campaign, just like Mr. trump confronted a scandal over a video tape which featured him inappropriately touching females.
The previous secretary of state’s defeat in opposition to Donald Trump last November continues to be in the spotlight, and in a conversation with the Australia Television broadcasting Corporation, Clinton belittled WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange.
“Assange has turned into a type of opportunistic nihilist who does just what a dictator asks,” Clinton explained. “Now WikiLeaks is regrettably a completely owned subsidiary of Russian intelligence,” she included.

In accordance with the Federal bureau of investigation, the Central intelligence agency and the NSA, the 3 key United states intelligence agencies, President Vladimir Putin and the Russian administration “developed a definite personal preference with regard to President-elect Donald Trump,” who while still early in his presidential campaign created and made advantageous remarks towards the Russian leader .

Clinton described this scandal which exploded shortly after a 2005 video clip surfaced, where the Republican candidate bragged about abusing women of all ages, and being protected by his celebrity status, he thought he was untouchable.

This was about the same time when the United states of america was stunned by allegations of harassment and sexual abuse against the Hollywood titan, Harvey Weinstein.
Several hours following the videos appearance, WikiLeaks made public over 2,000 hacked email messages from the accounts of Hillary Clinton’s campaign overseer John Podesta.
“I have absolutely no doubt there has been some kind of conversation and possibly co-ordination to have this out in response,” Clinton stated.
The ex-supporter of the Democratic party also mentioned, that “these types of steps have been inspired and taken because of the bitterness Assange possessed “.
The Australian, that has been a refugee for 5 years in Ecuador’s tiny embassy inside London, in order to avoid extradition to Sweden, claimed him as being a sex perpetrator, replied by defending his business by calling Hillary Clinton “repulsive.”


Assange has always rejected that Russia had anything to do with the Email leaks which were made public..


  1. “Why doesn’t WikiLeaks ever publish anything coming out of Russia?” Good question. Indeed, how long has this been going on. Beginning to look like Russia was the source of the previously published damaging information on the United States.


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