Miranda Moss Chavez never knew what happened to the message in a bottle that she threw into the sea when she was on Edisto Beach, South Carolina, in 1988, at the ripe old age of 8 year.

Hurricane Hugo struck the coast of South Carolina less than a year after she threw that bottle, she said it seemed like all hope of it ever appearing again was lost.

Last weekend, Chavez received a Facebook message from a stranger.

Linda Humphries and her husband David found the 29-year-old letter in a plastic bottle while cleaning the beach on Saturday in Sapelo Island, Georgia, just a month after hurricane Irma rocked the region.

The bottle had landed about 90 miles away after all those years.

“I do not think It could have fallen into better hands,” Chavez said.

In a Facebook posting, Humphries said that they had made a “remarkable discovery” when they noticed that the letter was dated back in 1988.

Then they decided to locate the owner of the letter which still had the address and name on it. Chavez lived in Union, South Carolina, at the time she wrote the message.

Humphries published the letter on Facebook along with Chavez’s information and asked for help in locating the owner. In a matter of hours, the publication was shared more than 100 times and Humphries got in touch with Chavez.

“I was stunned, It could not have arrived at a better time,” Chavez said.

Chavez said she was with her three children at that time and that the whole family had been going through difficult times. The appearance of the letter on Facebook feed took her to another era of her life and reminded her of the friendliness of the world.

Chavez plans to meet Humphries soon as possible.

“This really confirms the theory of the six degrees of separation,” he said. “I think everything happens for a reason.”


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