Soaring Soul Compositions continues to strive for new heights with their upcoming album “Bloom into Blossom”, set for release on December 1st.

The 501(c)(3) non-profit composes personalized classical pieces for childhood cancer patients, and in the circumstance that a child passes, the piece memorializes the deceased for their loved ones.

The organization, based in Nashville, Tennessee, originated only a year ago, and has tirelessly fought for its mission since its inception, serving more than a dozen families and maintaining a reputation of creating meaningful connections with those affected by pediatric cancer across the globe.

“Bloom into Blossom” features a new sound for the organization.

While their signature electric orchestra remains, new instruments and styles of composition arise.

Isabella Day, Executive Director and composer for the charity assures listeners that the integrity of classical music will be upheld, and that she is merely taking risks within her own realm of interpretation of the rules of music theory.

“This work is very emotional” she said, “I was not afraid to take risks for the sake of authenticity, even if it meant straying from my previous and often formulaic approach.”

The contemporary classical album will be available on all digital platforms on Friday December 1, with the piece “Beloved” released on Tuesday November 28th to commemorate what would have been the twenty-fourth birthday of a dear friend to the organization, Kevin Burke, to whom the entirety of “Bloom into Blossom” is dedicated.

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