Billionaire Tom Steyer talks about climate change in Sacramento, California, on October 7, 2015. Steyer promised in August 2017 to spend at least $ 10 million on a national campaign to call for a political trial of President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump on Friday responded to a California billionaire who promised to spend at least $10 million of his own money on a campaign to bring the President to trial.

Once again Donald Trump turned to his favorite weapon “Twitter” to call Tom Steyer “crazy and totally insane.”

He added that Steyer “has been fighting me and my agenda Returning Greatness to America from the very beginning,” adding that the billionaire environmentalist “never wins elections!”

Mr. Steyer recently launched an advertising campaign, which has been broadcast on Fox News and other national media, stating that “President Trump should be removed from office”.

The businessman claims that “Trump is leading the country into a nuclear war”, and is “obstructing the work of the FBI” and threatening to “shut down ANY news organizations that do not sympathize with him”.

The billionaire wants people in the United States to call their representatives in Congress and ask them to “prosecute the president”, says Tom Steyer.



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