President Donald Trump during a speech at the White House.

The investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the US elections in 2016 gave its first clear results this week, while the White House tried to credit or blame the Democratic candidate in those elections, to be precise, Hillary Clinton for any corrupt acts related to Moscow.

US President Donald Trump today kept silent on the news that the first charges have been made in the investigation led by special prosecutor Robert Mueller on the alleged Russian interference in the elections and the contacts between Moscow and the team of the now leader.

It was confirmed Friday by the CNN and The Wall Street Journal, sparking speculation in Washington, but there are still very few details that are known.

The charges approved by a grand jury in Washington affect “at least one person,” according to the Wall Street Journal, but have not yet been made public by order of a federal judge.

It is expected that the accused may be arrested by next Monday, but it is unclear whether that arrest will be made public.

The news has thwarted several days of work in the White House to try to instill in the public the idea that it was Clinton, Trump’s rival in the elections nearly a year ago, who committed irregularities related to Moscow.

“There is a general agreement now, after many months of investigating, that there was NO collusion between Russia and Trump. It was a collusion with HC! “Trump wrote this Friday in his personal Twitter account, using Clinton’s initials.

That Trump ruling came less than three days after the Washington Post revealed that the Democratic party and the Clinton campaign funded a private investigation last year to find information linking Trump to Russia.

That inquiry resulted in a dossier published in January containing uncorroborated accounts of Trump’s alleged encounter with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room spied on by Russian intelligence, as well as succinct business deals in Russia to influence the now president.

But on Friday, the conservative daily The Washington Free Beacon acknowledged that they initially hired the firm that produced the dossier, Fusion GPS, to investigate several Republican aspirants to the presidency in 2015, and then disengaged from the project and the Democrats after financing it.

That has not changed the strategy of the White House, whose spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, tweeted today that “evidence that the Clinton campaign, the Democratic committee and Russia conspired to influence the elections are indisputable.”

However, Mueller’s investigation promises to expose and confirm to the White House those suspicions that surround the contacts with Moscow of several figures from the campaign of Trump.

Although it is not clear who the charged are, it is known that in the framework of Mueller’s investigation, Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, his former campaign director Paul Manafort and his national security adviser Michael Flynn are in the sights.

Lawyers close to the case contacted today by Conspiracy Talk newspaper did not rule out that the charges could be against advisers or even relatives of Manafort and Flynn, in order to pressure them to provide information, a tactic used in the past by one of the main prosecutors who help Mueller, Andrew Weissmann.

“In this type of investigation, usually the first accusations are against people you expect to be found guilty and would likely cooperate to expose others. You do not accuse the big boys first, you accuse the little fish to get you the fat one, “lawyer and legal commentator Jeffrey Toobin told CNN.

Mueller’s investigation was extended some time ago to cover Trump’s finances and family businesses, he also seeks to determine if the president obstructed justice when he dismissed the then FBI Director, .

Trump has called off the “witch-hunt” investigation, and his spokesman, Sanders, said Friday that “soon” Mueller’s job will end.


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