Connor McDavid’s decision to dress as U.S president Donald Trump was welcome with lots of back-lashing on social media.

The Edmonton Oilers captain and his girlfriend Lauren Kyle dressed America’s first couple in a photo first posted on Lauren’s Instagram account on Monday night.

McDavid rocked a black suit and a red tie plus a messy blond wig as the couple posed for the photo which was captioned on Instagram with Trump’s controversial mantra “make America grow again” before it was edited to “Mr. and Mrs. Trumpus.”

The photo garnered over 4700 like followed by a rush of angry comments. One Instagram user who was apparently unpleased by the initial could be quoted as saying “The caption is all kinds of tone deaf, specially seeing as that ‘catch phrase’ is used by Trump to promote racism/homophobia, etc!,”.

Twitter users weren’t any less pissed.

One of them wrote “figures that the first time Connor Mcdavid showed even a hint of personality it would be to showcase that he’s actually a bad person,” while one Pete Blackburn wrote: “It appears Connor McDavid misinterpreted the Oilers’ need for offensive right wingers.” and another user added “Dressing up as a serial liar is not funny! Of course dressing up as a serial killer is A-OK”

Luckily for the Hockey star, it wasn’t just him against the world as some persons stuck out for him and condemned those that criticized his choice of costume.

One of such persons wrote “Harsh reaction to Connor McDavid’s costume is utterly at odds with the fun and wicked spirit of Halloween” while another said, “People at odds with Connor’s costume should remove themselves from the society, anyway they choose will be fine by me.”

Connor who obviously never anticipated such social media frenzy on his account had this to say “It was not meant to be anything or mean anything. It was a Halloween costume. That’s all I say about it.”


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