Reports early this November 2017 revealed that Danny Masterson show, The Ranch, will continue to receive airtime from Netflix despite rape allegations against him.

“We are aware of the allegations against Danny Masterson and the ongoing investigation, and we will respond once developments occur,” read a statement by Netflix.

The county District Attorney’s office in Los Angeles is investigating the rape allegations against Danny. The allegations surfaced in the early 2000. Four women accused the member of the Church of Scientology of the rape crimes.

A report by HuffPost explains further

One of the women filed her claim in 2004. She claimed that Mr. Masterson committed the heinous crime on her while she was passed out and by the time she figured out what was happening, the actor choked her unconscious. Like Masterson, she was also a member of the Church of Scientology. The three other alleged victims were also members of the Church of Scientology and unlike the first alleged victim, they reported their claims to the Church council.

At the time, the LAPD’s case was dismissed after 50 Scientology’s wrote and swore affidavits denying the woman’s claims.

District Attorney’s office reported that it compiled proof against the actor

Audiotapes and emails sent to and from Scientology members at the time, computer evidence and a handwritten threat letter to one of the alleged victims are “evidence enough to prove that the actor was indeed guilty”, claimed reports.

Reports also indicate that Masterson is yet to be charged for the offence. He is not the first actor with his acting career on the line. Recently, sexual assault reports emerged involving House of Cards star actor, Kevin Spacey.

Mr. Spacey was accused of sexually seducing fellow actor Anthony Rapp during a party at his apartment in New York.

The cast is currently filming the fifth season of the show.


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