The Venezuelan banker Oscar García Mendoza to be sworn in as a new member of the advisory board of Inter american For Democracy Institute.

Plunged into chaos, controlled by Cuba and drug cartels, Venezuela is going through one of the darkest chapters in its history and it could take several generations to stand on its own two feet, experts said this week in Miami.

“This is a problem of generations, it is not a problem that is going to be resolved today, even though it is causing the population to suffer a lot,” Venezuelan banker Oscar García Mendoza said at an event organized by the Inter American Institute for Democracy, on the occasion of its incorporation to the Consultative Council of the organization.

“Venezuela is an outlaw country, it is occupied by drug mafias, international terrorism and by bandits from the country that have handed it over to these evil organizations,” he said.

Among these bandits are included members of the Bolivian National Armed Forces, who “have been and continue to be the primary factor in sustaining the failed Venezuelan State,” he added.

In recent years, Venezuela has been one of the main issues of concern for the Miami-based NGO that looks after the health of Latin American democracies.

Its president, Cuban writer Carlos Alberto Montaner, said during the event that the oil country has fallen victim to the perverse disengagement of ideas and concepts that promote welfare and wealth creation.

“One of the reasons why Venezuelans have destroyed itself is a consequence of ignorance in these essential issues,” said Montaner in his speech. “If we do not change perceptions about how wealth is created, destroyed or conserved, we are finished.”

The constant attacks on private property have been taking place even before the appearance of the deceased socialist leader Hugo Chávez, who introduced the seeds that led to the current situation in Venezuela, said the panelists

But “it is the establishment in this country of criminal gangs and the Cuban apparatus of repression that makes the Venezuelan crisis a very difficult evil to eradicate”, said Garcia Mendoza.

The Venezuelan banker added that one of the reasons why it is difficult for him to believe in the thesis of an important sector of opposition parties that insists that the entrenched regime of Nicolás Maduro can be removed from power through the ballot box. .

Maduro and the former president of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, “are not those who really exercise power but are being a kind of figureheads of the narcos, and Cubans, Iranians, Russians and the Chinese, all those bands [and representatives of foreign interests] that are working and operating in Venezuela, “he said.

So, “How can an opposition, like the one we have, believe that through an election” those who exercise power “are going to come, and they are going to say, we are going to go because you won? […] “We are in a terrible position because […] there are so many elements that converge against working in a positive way that it is very difficult to transform,” he said.

But once an eventual transition process has begun, “one of the first tasks that Venezuelans have is to consider the possibility of eliminating the armed forces”, García Mendoza said, noting that the military has not fought to defend Venezuela, but rather has become allies and comply to the forces of the “occupiers of the country”.

“They have more generals and officers than any army in the world. We know little about this organization, except its disproportionate size and that it is enormously wasteful, useless and hyper-corrupt, “he said.

“For the change to begin [in Venezuela] they must be eliminated.”


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