Zimbabweans Rejoice Mugabe's Downfall by displaying signs of what they feel about him as they hit the street in countless numbers. CONSPIRACY TALK NEWS/CHRIS WICK

HARARE (Conspiracy Talk News) – Thousands of Zimbabweans overloaded the roadways in Harare on Saturday morning, singing loudly, dancing as well as embracing troopers in an outpouring of enjoyment for the envisioned down fall of Leader Robert Mugabe, the President for the past thirty-seven years.

In displays similar to the fall with Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu back in 1989, males, ladies and youngsters jogged next to armored vehicles and members of the military which moved with this week to get rid of the only real leader Zimbabwe has identified with, ever since the independence of 1980.

This Ninety three yr old Mugabe continues to be under household arrest within his luxurious ‘Blue-Roof’ compound inside Harare, where he’s been watching support of his Zanu-PF group, personal security services and supporters vanish in under 72 hours.

Feelings and emotions are running over in the Harare’s roadways as Zimbabweans talk of the 2nd liberation and hopes for economic and political change following 2 decades of deepening repression & adversity.

Mr. Mugabe’s downfall will probably send out shock-waves throughout the African continent, in which a variety of established strongman, coming from Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, towards Democratic Republic of Congo’s Joseph Kabila, will be experiencing increasing demands to move aside.

“These are tears of joy,” Frank Mutsindikwa, Thirty-four, told CTN News, waving his Zimbabwean flag in the air. “I’ve also been waiting around my whole life just for this day. Totally free, finally. We’re free at long last.”

A few presented placards saying “No to Mugabes dynasty” and also shook their fists in mid-air to show independence, the fist motion was created by South Africa’s Nelson Mandela as he left the apartheid prison back in 1990.

Other people embraced the actual troops that grabbed power, yelling “Thank you! Thank you!” , impossible a few days back. In a single revealing metaphor, a metallic road sign having the wording R. Mugabe Rd ended up being ripped down, messed up then thrown in a trash container.

“These will be the commanders right now,” explained Moffat, 23, waving a photo of military leader Constantino Chiwenga as well as Emmerson Mnangagwa, the previous V.P. whose sacking this calendar month brought on this military coup.

Absolutely No DIS-GRACE

For many Africans, Mr. Mugabe continues to be the nationalist hero, this continent’s final independence innovator plus a symbol of its battle to throw off this legacy involving decades with colonial subjugation.

Nonetheless, he had been reviled as being a dictator very happy to make use of physical violence to keep power, also running a once-promising economic system in to the ground.

Even though Mugabe was rooting his heels when confronted with military tension to step down, he ran out of ways to keep power, he lost his domestic and worldwide aid.

Intelligence paperwork found by sources stated that Mugabe’s departure may well create a temporary unity federal government directed by Mnangagwa, the life-long Mugabe aide as well as previous security chief referred to as “The Crocodile”.

Controlling this free-falling economic system is definitely the most important priority, the docs explained. America, the long Mugabe critic, stated it was eager for a “new era” within Zimbabwe, whilst President Ian Khama with bordering Botswana, mentioned Mugabe didn’t have any diplomatic help in the area and really should step down right away.

“I don’t believe any person ought to be President with the period of time as he did. We’re Presidents. We’re not kings and queens. It’s simply common-sense,” Khama informed Conspiracy Talk News.. In the symbol of the level of his decline, Mugabe’s dominating ZANU-PF said on Fri “Just go”, based on the Herald, their state magazine which has functioned like a faithful mouth piece for pretty much 40 years.


The remarkable moments in Harare tend to be an indication of the frustration or anger which has accumulated in virtually 20 years of economic mismanagement which began with the actual seizure with white- owned or operated farms within the year 2000, the was a driver of the broader collapse.

The central-bank attempted to print its way out of difficulty through releasing a major flood of money, however that simply made things a whole lot worse, ultimately causing hyperinflation, which topped out at Five-hundred billion per cent back in ’08.


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