MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina/BUENOS AIRES (Conspiracy Talk News) – A new search and rescue procedure for the Argentinian Navy sub lost in the Southern Atlantic ocean with Forty-four crew-embers on-board still missing for it’s 3rd day. However, the new satellite signals which are likely from this vessel have raised hopes that the crew are still alive.

U.S. Navy stated earlier Sunday morning hours it will send out an airplane with Twenty one staff from the city of Jacksonville, Florida, to help with searching for this German-built ARA San Juan, that was 432 km (268 ml) away from Argentina’s southerly Atlantic coast whenever it provided its last transmission early on Wed.

This sub seems to have attempted to generate 7 satellite calls Saturday, between late morning hours & earlier afternoon, the Argentine Ministry explained. Stormy weather conditions most likely caused problems with the calls, and the authorities has been working together with an unknown U.S. corporation specializing in satellite communicating to be able to pinpoint the submarines actual location.

“Yesterday’s positive reports have been a relief for all of us, to learn that there’s life,” Claudio Rodriguez, a sibling of one crew member, stated in a interview with TV station A24 on Sunday early morning..

The Navy said that an electric interruption in the diesel-electric-propelled boat could have downed their communications. Therefore, standard protocol requires submarines to surface in the event that communicating is lost.

Members of the family collected in a Naval base within the seaside town of Mar del Plata, the location where the sub have been scheduled to show up.

Even Pope Francis talked about this lost ship, as part of his Sunday afternoon prayer.

“I additionally pray for the men and women of the Argentine military services submarine that is missing,” the pontiff stated.

This remarkable search has fascinated the country of Forty-four million, that not too long ago mourned the losing of 5 individuals murdered,  as a trucker plowed through a bicycle path within New York City.


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