Victims of Islamic State militants assault on a Mosque in Egypt 11/25/2017 (Conspiracy Talk News) File Image

CAIRO (Conspiracy Talk News) – Terrorists that assaulted a mosque Friday within Egypt’s Northern Sinai, carried an Islamic-State flag while they opened up fire from doorways and windows, murdering over three hundred worshipers, which includes 24 young children, authorities reported Saturday.

No party claimed liability thus far, however,  Egyptian military forces tend to be fighting a persistent Islamic-State affiliate in the area, one of several enduring divisions from the militant team right after it experienced major defeats by U.S. supported forces within Iraq as well as Syria.

This attack on the holy mosque, seems to have surprised Egyptians, compelling President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s administration to beef-up protection in places of worship and also crucial buildings, and call for 72 hours of grieving for this bloodiest assault within Egypt’s modern day history.

State media firm MENA, confirmed that the actual death toll numbers have increased to 305, which includes 27 kids as well as 128 other individuals that were wounded.

Egypt’s prosecutor office had meetings with injured survivors as part of it’s investigation, connected Islamic State militants, also referred to as Daesh, for the violent assault of the Al Rawdah mosque within Bir al-Abed, western side of El-Arish township.

“The worshipers, taken by total surprise by these attackers,” a district attorney explained in the report. “They numbered around 25 & 30, holding the Daesh flags and taking up positions in front of the mosques doorway and all the 12 glass windows using automated weapons.”

These gunmen, a few wearing face masks and military-style clothing, have arrived quickly using jeeps, quickly encircled the mosque then with no warning opened fire inside it, sending scared and panicked worshipers falling over one another to flee this carnage.

Witnesses said that these gunmen triggered an explosive device at the conclusion of Fridays prayer then immediately opened fire just as folks attempted to run away, firing at any ambulances, setting flames to automobiles to block roadways. Photographs on state media channels revealed bloodied victims and many bodies covered-up in blankets within the mosque.

“When this shooting started everybody was running, and everybody appeared to be clashing with each other,” Magdy Rezk an injured survivor explained from his healthcare facility bed. “But I had been able to make out masked men dressed in military clothes.”

Attacking a mosque would have been a transfer of strategies to the Sinai militants, that have in the past attacked troopers and also law enforcement personnel. Just lately, they have attempted to pass on their insurgency towards the mainland, by striking Christian places of worship and pilgrims.

Community sources identified a few of the worshipers as being Sufis, with whom Islamic State militants consider key targets simply because they worship saints and shrines, this kind of worship for Islamist’s can be equivalent to idolatry. Islamic State did targeted Sufi & Shi‘ite Muslims in many other countries such as Iraq.

Egypt’s armed forces performed an air strike and some raids over night, targeting hideouts and automobiles active in the assault, the military claimed, with out providing particulars on the amount of militants involved.


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