Alex Ovechkin, the captain of NHL Washington Capitals team as well as an icon back home in Russia. Close friend of President Vladimir Putin. Johnathan McDonald / Conspiracy Talk News

WASHINGTON  (Conspiracy Talk News) – For over 12 years, Alex Ovechkin has been skating  between 2 different worlds: his own, Russia, where he was born and the United States where he plays hockey. He’s much loved, cheered and deeply adored within both.

This individual frequently has made an effort to please proponents of these disparate households, trying to play hockey within the USA and spending a lot of the off season within Russia. Even though the hockey celebrity hasn’t concealed his devotion with regard to Vladimir Putin, Mr. Ovechkin this calendar month, elevated those levels significantly, saying in his Instagram account he has been coordinating things to aid the Russian leader.

“Today, I would like to publicize a new social movement called the PutinTeam,” Ovechkin said, we seen a picture of Ovechkin getting embraced by Putin himself. “Be part of this team – for me it is a privilege, it’s just like the sensation whenever you wear this jersey of your Russian team, realizing that the entire nation is cheering for you.” Ovechkin included using the hashtag #putinteam.

Mr. Ovechkin currently finds himself quite awkwardly in the center of some sort of geopolitical maelstrom – possibly by his very own doing – pulled in numerous directions, in the same way he’s been pulled for most of his remarkable career.

He’s offers an undeniable validation to the guy that American intelligence organizations say approved Russian participation in past year’s Trump and Clinton presidential political election outcome and whose sports athletes have attracted this ire from the worldwide Olympic group for state-sponsored doping. Simultaneously, Ovechkin asserts his loyalty has absolutely nothing to do with national politics.

“I’m not really a politics kinda guy,” Ovechkin explained while being interviewed. “I don’t know what’s going on out there. I understand it’s a tough situation, however it is what it is. You know, I play right here in the Good old USA, and that is my personal second home. I don’t wish to battle among two nations, simply because it’s likely to be a mess.”

Ovechkin claims that the PutinTeam movements has been his concept, even though there are indicators a Kremlin-backed public-relations company could have played a part.

Ovechkin’s determination to wave a Putin banner arrives in a particularly uncomfortable period: Relationships involving the two countries tend to be very frayed, and as we understand it, a specific counsel will be looking into possible co-ordination involving the Trump political marketing campaign and involvement of Russian authorities prior to the 2016 political election. 7 out of 10 People in america maintain a negative viewpoint of Russia, in accordance with a recently available Gallup opinion poll.

Things appear to be a little dicey for Washington Capitals and the NHL.

Ted Leonsis, Capitals owner, quickly signed Ovechkin into a 13 yr, $124 million agreement back in 08, turned down to comment, so did the NHL office. The Capitals feel that Ovechkin will talk about the specific situation him self, keeping team owners and staff at arm’s length from this delicate subject matter that’s tangled up with additional complications. We still have this business relationship by which Mr. Ovechkin will be paid very handsomely – he’ll generate $10 million this year – however team administrators realize that on the list of game’s most identifiable players,  he will represent Russia and  Washington equally.

Ovechkin, now 32, and family have enjoyed administration support. His mom had been a basketball celebrity on the Soviet national team, the two-time Olympic gold-medalist who later on leaned on her politics contacts to assist in financing her Moscow-based team.

The woman’s son come to Washington in August 2005 and rapidly flourished as one of hockey’s top NHL players, the most productive goal scorer Russia has shipped to the National hockey league. Only Jaromir Jagr had more career goals between active gamer’s, yet Ovechkin has guided his team in goals half a dozen times and already been named it’s most valuable player 3 times.

His popularity and accomplishment gained him an uncommonly close connection with the Kremlin. He’s got a private telephone number to President Putin and was given a wedding gift from the Russian chief a year ago.

He admits that he’s conscious that vocally supporting President Putin could possibly rub a number of People in america in the wrong manner, however Capitals enthusiasts continue to be turning up to hockey games, even now putting on Ovechkin’s No. 8 shirt, continue to cheer him on, and there is no indicator that his legacy or even standing out among Washington hockey supporters has suffered.

“I have seen some very good reactions, and some bad responses,” explained Ovechkin, who started studying The English language after he arrived in Washington. “People have their own mind, and own opinions.”


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