Actor Charlie Sheen in an archived Conspiracy Talk News file photo

NY (Conspiracy Talk News) – Acting professional Charlie Sheen is suing the National Enquirer for printing that he had sexually mistreated actor Corey Haim while he was an adolescent.

In records submitted Friday to a LA courtroom, Mr. Sheen named the tabloid’s allegations “ridiculous” and also “disgusting.”

In the November 8th issue, the Enquirer printed a quotation coming from actor Dominick Brascia, by which this individual professed that when Charlie Sheen was approximately 19 years old he’d abused this teen celebrity.

Sheen and Haim starred in the motion picture “Lucas” in 1986.

Mr. Brascia informed The Enquirer the episode happened while shooting the film.

Sheen calls for payment for unspecified damage for this accusation.

The Enquirers parent firm, American Media, reported Saturday it is expecting to “litigate” this case and also made welcome the potential or opportunity of exposing Charlie Sheen’s “perversions.”

And so the world turns!

More to follow as this story unfolds.


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