7-year-old boy arrested

FLORIDA – A camera captured the moment in which the little boy handcuffed, walking next to a police officer. His family described the incident as an abuse of the authorities.

The incident took place at the Coral Way K-8 Center in Miami and was reported by the mother of the 7-year-old boy, who recorded the entire event with a cell phone.

According to a report by Munick Soriano, a Miami-Dade County public school police officer, the boy was removed from the school cafeteria for allegedly playing with his food. 

Already in a corridor outside the place he repeatedly hit the teacher who accompanied him.

The versions indicate that the child assaulted the teacher several times by hitting them in the back until they both ended up on the floor. For this reason, the child was arrested and handcuffed by the school police and ended up  for a short time at the Children’s Hospital of Miami. According to the school district authorities, he was a threat to himself and to the members of the school.  

Mercy Álvarez, the child’s mother, described the arrest as an abuse of the police that took forceful action. He also pointed out that the child did not show such violent behaviour before beginning the school year. 

The family does not rule out legal actions against the Miami school district.


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