Photo taken on Thursday, December 14, 2017, provided by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department showing raging fire behind a house near Ladera Street in Santa Barbara, California. Fire Department of Santa Barbara County via Conspiracy Talk News Peter Jenkins

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, USA (Conspiracy Talk News) – The fourth largest fire in the history of California continues to grow and threatens thousands of homes, despite an army of firefighters and dozens of graders and helicopters trying to contain this runaway beast.

Although the Santa Ana winds lost steam Friday in the midst of the fire in the northwest Los Angeles area, they are expected to return even stronger this weekend. And the danger is so big that the winds at one end could have more gusts than those on the other side.

The Thomas Fire, which was burning for 11 days now within Ventura as well as Santa Barbara counties, has devoured about 100,000 hectares (400 square miles) of shrubs, trees and burned more than 1,000 facilities, including more than 750 homes.

Another 18,000 installations remain in danger, including mansions in the richer enclave of Montecito.

The incident is contained in 35%, despite efforts of more than 8,000 firefighters utilizing 32 choppers and give or take, 78 huge graders.

Within Santa Barbara it has rained very, very little since October 1st and to date has accumulated only 3 inches of rain that s (7.6 centimeters) less than in the past.

Another focus of the firefighters was on the eastern flank, in canyons where a state firefighter died on Thursday near the agricultural town of Fillmore. Officials have not given details about the death of Cory Iverson, 32.

The National Weather Service predicted extreme danger from fire or “red alert” conditions until at least Saturday night, with gusts of 64 kilometers (40 miles) per hour in the mountains of Santa Barbara County, where the incident is burning.

The cost of fire fighting is approaching nearly 89 million dollars as we speak.


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