SEOUL, South Korea (Conspiracy Talk News) – North Korea said on Saturday it will never abandon its nuclear weapons while the United States and its allies continue their “war threats and exercises” in front of their territory.

The Northern Korean official Central News Agency showed the reiterated position while analyzing the main tests of armament and nuclear missiles of the country carried out this year.

Northern Korea carried out its most powerful nuclear test to date in September and launched three intercontinental ballistic missiles into the sea in July and November, an indication that it is closer than ever to having a nuclear arsenal capable of reaching continental America.

The aggressive tests have generated more international sanctions and pressure towards them in the face of concern that the window to slow or reduce its nuclear program closes quickly.

The US and Southern Korean authorities have argued that they will not negotiate with N Korean government unless they are willing to discuss a brake on their nuclear weapons and missile program.

In its report on Saturday, KCNA said that N.K. had taken measures to “boost its capabilities for self-defense and preventive attacks with nuclear force” in the face of a continuing “nuclear threat and war exercises” by the United States and its “partner forces”. “

KCNA accused President Donald Trump of employing unprecedented hostile policies against Northern Korean leader and described the Asian country as an “undeniable new nuclear power.”


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