The hot summer months are almost here and, unfortunately, not all of us can spend all day and night in the comfortable environment surrounding an air conditioning unit. 

Thankfully, technology is not always the thing you need to keep yourself fresh in the summer, and you might be surprised to find out that there are some very reliable techniques and tricks you could take advantage of in order to make the excruciatingly hot summer days much more bearable or even comfortable. Please keep in mind that the tips given below can be used for both indoor and outdoor cooling, so make sure to find the ones that best fit your needs!

Be More Selective With Your Clothing

The two golden rules for summer clothes are light colors and lightweight cotton clothing. The light colors, unlike the dark ones, do not attract that much sun, so they tend to keep the wearer cooler for longer. In the meantime, cotton is a light and breathing material, so it is capable of both allowing the heat to go out, and some coolness to go in.

Don’t Forget to Regularly Drink Your Fluids

Staying hydrated in the summer is of great importance not just because of the health risks dehydration hides. Being adequately hydrated could also lower your body temperature, and therefore make the heat more bearable. An alternative to water could be sports drinks since they come in various tastes and have been crafted explicitly for athletes who need to control their body temperature during intense training sessions.

Rinse Your Body’s Cooling Spots

In general, some parts of our bodies can be cooled to make the whole body feel cooler – wrists, elbows, feet, and the neck are some of the standard parts. Keep in mind that while one of these spots might work for someone, an entirely different one might work for you – this is why it is important to check which cooling spot has the most significant effect. Getting one of these spots damp right before going to bed can make your summer nights much more comfortable.

Keep The Hot Air Out While at Home

This tip might sound a bit confusing, but you won’t believe how easy it is to take advantage of simple thermodynamics in order to keep your house cooler in the summer. Simply make sure to use your curtains or blinds to keep the sun out during the day, and when the temperatures drop in the evening open your windows to let the hot air out of the house, while the colder outdoor air comes in.

Use Your Fridge Smartly

Surprisingly, this tip does not include keeping your fridge door open all the time. In fact, doing this might shorten the lifespan of the fridge, so doing it is certainly not recommended. However, the coolness of your fridge can help you in a very different way – simply make some space to store your sheets, clothes, or pillow cover in there. This way you can always change into cooled garments or cooled sheets that will instantly reduce the negative effect of summer heat.

Laying on the Floor Might be a Great Short-term Solution

Back in school all of us heard how the cool air stays low, while the hot air goes up. This simple rule of thermodynamics can be helpful during the summer, since laying on the floor for a few minutes can get your further away from the warm air which fills the rest of the room.

Keep Your Food Portions Smaller

Eating a big meal might sound great, but in the summer this would cause your body to spend more energy in order to process it, therefore increasing your overall body temperature. Smaller meals are the recommended choice. An alternative and surprising tip concerning food is eating spicy – spicy food makes your body sweat and has a cooling effect after the initial heat wave. It’s not a coincidence that the inhabitants of some of the hottest regions on Earth love their spicy cuisine.

Enhance Your Fan

Already got a fan in your house? Make sure to make the most out of its abilities. The simplest way to do this is to put a bucket of ice in front of it, and this should give you cooler air for hours to come. If you have multiple fans available, you could try to position them in a way which enables them to pull the hot air out of the house and pull in cooler air from a colder room.

Try to keep yourself cool with natural ways. Don’t go for artificial cooling ways like air conditioning all the time to stay cool. Living natural means living longer & healthier life. Adopt natural ways of living as natural health experts like Prof. Abdul Samad suggest us all the time.

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