Vice President Mike Pence, on the left, listens as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes a statement in Jerusalem on Monday, January 22, 2018. Ludwig Jennings – Conspiracy Talk News

JERUSALEM (Conspiracy Talk News) – The government of Donald Trump plans to abandon the historic nuclear agreement with Iran established in 2015 unless changes are made to the pact, US Vice President Mike Pence reiterated this on Tuesday before Israeli leaders.

In a meeting with the president of Israel, Pence expressed hope that his European allies will join the United States to correct parts of the agreement.

However, he pointed out that if his allies do not join the initiative, President Donald Trump “has made it clear” that the United States will abandon the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Pence said that “Trump has promised to stop periodically renewing the suspension of US sanctions on Iran”, something that is part of the agreement, unless Europeans agree to toughen their terms.

The vice president is touring the Middle East, the first, since he took office last year and which has taken him to Egypt, Jordan and Israel.


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