Heroin & cocaine in Philadelphia. Congress i spending over $500 million per year on addiction treatments. John Purhetti/ Conspiracy News Photo

That’s an  Opioid Overdoses death every 16 minutes. So you’d think giving a 258 million dollar tax cut to the largest distributor in America would be a non-starter, but that’s exactly what the Republican tax plan does.

Let’s talk about McKesson Corporation, one of the largest opioid distributors in America. You may remember them from the headlines earlier this year when they had to pay a record 150 million dollar fine because of their lax controls on opioid shipments. According to their 2016 annual report, the opioid business was booming for McKesson.

They booked 3.25 billion of pre-tax profits

Last year they paid 908 million dollars of taxes, but under the Republican tax plan, which lowers their rate to 20%, they would only pay 650 million dollars in taxes.

Do the math

That’s a 258 million dollar tax cut for the largest opioid distributor in America. Oh, and if you were worried about how their CEO is making out, don’t. He earned 20 million dollars last year.

It doesn’t matter what party you’re with, that’s just wrong. Anyone running for Congress should believe in justice, and economic justice means, tax cuts for the bottom brackets, and a higher rate for the top. It means no corporate tax cuts unless they start raising wages from the bottom up.

It’s about time we brought justice to DC. Thank you and God bless.


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