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PUERTO RICO (Conspiracy Talk News) – The 911 System Commissioner, Ángel Sostre Cintrón, confirmed today that during the San Sebastian Street festivities, the text message system will be available to report emergencies.

According to Sostre, the noise of the music and of the people could represent an inconvenience to report an emergency through a conventional telephone call, so they will activate the text service feature. 

“Although it is a system that greatly benefits our deaf community, its use is not exclusive to that sector. The so-called ‘Text-To-911’ could also be used in cases where a victim is unable to speak, either for security reasons, for a particular situation or because he or she is in a place with too much noise, “said the Commissioner. 

The official also insisted on the importance of making the best use of the 911 emergency line, either by text message or voice call.

“Despite the guidelines that we have taken for years in schools, public and private entities, media and social networks, to date, 80% of the calls received in 911 are not emergencies,” he maintained. 

Mr. Sostre recalled that cell phones, even when deactivated, have the ability to call 911.

“There are thousands of calls every month that enter our system of children playing with a phone provided by their parents. The problem is that the lines are occupied and the opportunity to address a real emergency is denied, “he said. 



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