The Real Trade War Is Inside Donald Trump's White House Google Images labeled for reuse
On Feb. 28, John Ferriola, the CEO of America’s largest steel producer, Nucor, got a call from the White House.
Could he be in Washington the next day? With few details to go on, Ferriola dutifully showed up at the West Wing on March 1, where he and a dozen other metals-company executives were ushered into the Cabinet Room. Soon, they were told, they would be having a private meeting with President Donald Trump.

The topic was the imposition of tariffs on imported steel and other metals, measures the industry has long sought.

As Trump talked, it seemed to Ferriola that the President was leaning toward action but hadn’t made up his mind. By the end of the meeting, encouraged by the executives, Trump seemed convinced. Immediately after, he told the press he planned to put surcharges of 25% on imported steel and 10% on aluminum.

“People have no idea how badly our country has been treated,” Trump said as the CEOs nodded along. “They’ve destroyed the steel industry, they’ve destroyed the aluminum industry.” But, the President said, “we’re bringing it all back.”



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