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Justin Trudeau is not a perfect man or a perfect prime minister as some would like to believe, he has done many things wrong, and the negative numbers keep increasing, here is the way we see it.

His controversial vacation to visit his friend Agha Khan in Bahamas cost the Canadian taxpayers over $215,000. On top of that, most people saw the vacation as a personal affair, nothing to do with betterment of the Canadian people.

When responding to the findings of the ethics commissioner, Justin Trudeau decided to use the word “family” four times within a four sentence prepared statement.

“The ethic’s commissioner’s report shows that I should have taken forethought and cleared the family dealings and vacation with the Aga Khan beforehand,” the prime minister said from the hall in the House of Commons.

He showed his regret for having taken the trip and promised that he will clear all family vacations and dealings with the commissioner in future.

According to his statements, he has always considered the Aga Khan a closer family friend and therefore he did not see any need for clearing the family trip, well if that’s the case ,then why don’t he return the $215,000 smacker back to the treasury where it came from, its the Peoples money Not HIS.

The Conflict of Interest Act violation

The word “family” suggests personal matter, correct me if I’m wrong here, but it was way more than that.

Justin Trudeau believes ( so he says ) that “the word is an official matter that has political consequences”. (Now I’m confused, typical political spin if you ask me).

The “friend” in this matter is Prince Shah Karim Al Husseini (Aga Khan), who is the leader of the Ismaili Muslims, globally. He also owns the private island in Bahamas and chairs the board for Global Centre for Pluralism (the institution in Ottawa to which the government pledged over $15 million grant in 2015, convenient, right?).

The combination of the pledged grant, the Island and Justin Trudeau’s family having used a private chopper even to access the Aga Khan’s private island, led to the prime minister’s violation of sections 5, 11, 12 and 21 of the country’s Conflict of Interest Act.

Other prime ministers rarely walked into such scandals.

Ruling of the commissioner on friendship

The commissioner did not find the prime minister guilty of corruption because he did not find any evidence that Trudeau acted with an aim of advancing the Aga Khan’s interests or projects, “well here is another shock”, says I -“like anyone thought or believed that someone on the inside would bit the hand that fed them.” 

However, a gift he accepted might be reasonably seen to have influenced his action ( Can you say BRIBE ) and the failure to arrange his matters in a way that would prevent conflicts of interest. What was earlier seen as a mere opposition allegation, finally landed with a thud of official finding of misconduct on the prime minister.

The official finding rests on the ruling of the commissioner, that Justin Trudeau and Prince Shah Karim Al Husseini did not establish their friendship on ways that would exempt their interactions from any section of Conflict of Interest Act.

The friendship

Prince Shah Karim and Pierre Trudeau had been friends for a long time. When he was a boy, Justin Trudeau vacationed with the Agha Khan’s family and Prince Shah was also a honorary pole bearer at the Pierre Trudeau’s funeral.

However, there were no interactions between the Agha Khan and the young Trudeau until he started leading the Liberal Party in the year 2013, or at least that’s how the OFFICIAL story goes. 

The commissioner concluded that the Aga Khan and Justin Trudeau have warm relationship established in family history. They also have common goals and values. So, in other-words, the people can screw themselves, we will do whatever we want here and their is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it, and that my friends, is how some of us see it.


  1. So how do you explain that Highness the Aga Khan recently as of last week was the Guest of the Queen Elizabeth of England the Commonwealth for his Diamond Jubilee celebration, does that mean now the Canadians have to call it a conflict of interest, since she is the head of Canada, Does anyone really think that the Aga Khan would stoop down to the Prime Minister of Canada to influence on behalf of his AKDN Foundation, which is recognized by all the major European countries who given generously to his Foundation for the excellent bias free organization that works over 30 different countries. He recently invested over $300 Million dollars to build a landmark Museum in Toronto with no funding from any governments. The Aga Khan Museum, a new landmark in Toronto is the one only Islamic Museum in North America, fully funded by His Highness the Aga Khan. It would be naïve to believe he would influence the Prime Minister. It was then the Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney, who acknowledged and recognized the 50 years of AKDN’s work throughout world and also His Highness and his followers work in Canada and awarded him the honorary citizenship of Canada. He deserves a non bias coverage and recognition for his tired less work for a better world.


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