President Trump signs $1.3 Trillion Dollar Budget Bill Photo is from Google images labeled for public reuse rights

President Donald Trump declares that he executed a $1.3 trillion spending Budget Bill and “in the nick of time”, preventing a “federal government closure”, this decision came just hrs after claiming he was thinking about a veto.

Donald Trump has been noticeably rattled, considering that the package deal does not feature any type of safeguards with regard to “Dreamers” migrants, and also does not offer sufficient funds for the Mexican border wall structure that he so wanted and promised.

“We ended up asking for 74 miles worth of wall, we get 110. Not exactly what we wanted where we wanted,” said budget director Mick Mulvaney Thursday. “But generally speaking, we think this is a really, really good immigration package,” he said.

Yet, President Trump is injecting serious bucks right into armed forces spending, which this guy made sure was incorporated within the bill.

President Trump pointed out that “my highest duty is to keep America safe” and also that  they authorized this “as a matter of national security.”

“I will never sign another bill like this again,” he said,


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