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United States began on Friday the military deployment of the National Guard on the border with Mexico that President Donald Trump ordered a few days ago to combat immigration until the construction of the wall is completed.

Pentagon chief James Mattis and National Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen claim that “troops are deploying to support border security missions.”

The Pentagon authorized the use of 4,000 soldiers of the National Guard , although it has not specified how many have been deployed so far or where. 

The National Guard is a reserve corps of the United States Armed Forces under the control of the states and that is why its deployment depends on the governors.

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Before the statement by Mattis and Nielsen, the state of Texas had already announced the “immediate” deployment of 250 soldiers on its border section by order of its governor, Greg Abbott.

About 250 troops whose deployment will be completed in the next 72 hours and that is added to a hundred national guards that Texas already had on the border since a migration crisis of 2014.

The governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, also announced on Friday the shipment from next week of 150 soldiers of the National Guard to his border zone. Abbott and Ducey are Republicans, as is the governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, who, without giving figures yet, has shown her support for the deployment.

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It remains to be seen, the level of collaboration of the fourth state that shares the border with Mexico: California, whose Democratic leaders have opposed the majority of Trump’s immigration measures to date.

Trump on Wednesday ordered the militarisation of the border in an attempt to flex his muscle, to what he considers an intolerable increase in illegal immigration. Trump’s interest in the militarisation of the border was unleashed last weekend when he learned that a caravan with hundreds of Central American immigrants was travelling through Mexico to the United States.

The US law prohibits the use of the military for tasks of security and public order at the national level, so the National Guard will have a limited role in the border and will not be able to stop immigrants arriving in the border area.

The National Guard is expected to help border agents in tasks of ‘aerial detection, transportation, repair of the border wall and logistical support,’ the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) said..

Trump is not the first US president to send soldiers to the border with Mexico: in 2006, George W. Bush ordered the deployment of some 6,000 members of the National Guard, and Barack Obama assigned 1,200 members in 2010.


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