Best Buy warns of possible theft of customer information - Google image labelled for reuse

Best Buy reported on Friday that some payment information from its customers may have been stolen in a cyber attack.

The retail store is the most recent company, along with Delta Air Lines and Sears, having been the target of cyber attacks.

Private Info Stolen

Best Buy claims that a “small fraction” of its online customers may have been affected, regardless of whether or not they used the chat service offered by the corporations online.

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The software company (24) said it discovered and fixed the undue intrusion back in October. The attack may have exposed customers names, addresses, credit card numbers, security codes and expiration dates of customer cards, the whole shebang as they say.

Best Buy said that it will communicate directly with the affected customers and that they will not be charged for any purchases they have not made. 

It will also offer them free credit monitoring services.


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