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When couples decide to go their separate ways, most of them have a grand idea that they are going to tackle their divorce differently from everyone else. They have the idea that they are going to keep things out of the court room, that there will be no lawyers involved and that it will be an amicable and conscious uncoupling.

While there are rare occasions where this does occur, it is more likely that things won’t go this smoothly. Feelings can get in the way when there are other people involved, people can act in weird ways when they are afraid, and fights over possessions and homes can begin.

An extra layer of complication is added when there are children involved. Both parties involved then have to decide where the children are going to live, how much time they are going to spend with each parent and how much child support is going to be paid. All of these stresses need to be figured out and in a way that isn’t going to upset the kids too much.

All of these factors can lead to a perfect storm and is the exact reason why family lawyers are so crucial when going through a divorce. When everything is put in legal writing, everyone involved can be crystal clear about what is happening and they are able to begin to move on with their lives.

Here is a further look at some complications that can arise during a divorce and why family lawyers are so crucial.

Things can go wrong

There is a saying that describes that couples don’t really know each other until they go through a divorce. This is because people act differently when they feel threatened, scared or when they don’t have to care about the other person anymore.

Sometimes other members of the family may get involved and influence how a person is going to act. At other times, one party (or both) may have already moved on and their new partner begins to interfere. There are so many different things that can go wrong during a divorce which is why it is so important for individuals to protect themselves with a family lawyer.

Documents can be confusing

Many people out there think that filing for a divorce is as easy as one, two, three. What they don’t know is that there is a cost to file an application and the forms need to be filled out correctly.

This is why a lot of people simply opt for hiring family lawyers so they can be sure that they are doing the application correctly the first time. Furthermore, couples need to be separated for at least a year in Australia before they are able to apply.

This separation may need to be proved, especially when couples are still living under the same roof while separated. Family lawyers are able to educate their clients of what type of documentation can act as evidence of a separation such as an affidavit.

Support can be needed

When going through a separation, it is not uncommon for people to lose not only their partners but all of their family and friends too. In these cases, sometimes people just need support during these difficult times.

Lawyers are not only able to help with support throughout the proceedings, but they can also point their clients in the right direction of other help if they need it. This help may be in the form of a Psychologist, a counsellor or a support group. Hiring a lawyer is also a good way to get the correct information. It is not uncommon for one party to receive incorrect information from all ends. The perfect way to know exactly what someone’s rights are is by asking the professionals.

At the end of the day, there are many reasons why family lawyers are crucial when going through a divorce. One of the greatest reasons is that so clients can feel safe and taken care of. Going through a divorce is such a stressful time and doing everything possible to reduce this stress is very wise.


  1. In our current version of the legal system, there is no just decision on this matter. The courts are based in commerce, not family law. Their only concern is to avoid any state money from being paid out. There will be child support & that parent will barely see their child. As for the lawyers, they will work together to expedite the case out of the courts. The police will not enforce visitation privileges & will absolve themselves of any involvement when the custodial parent conjures up a reason for visitation denial. My advice? Please be very certain as to who you will marry. If there is divorce in your significant other’s family background, get out. The system is designed to divide, not reconcile, a family. Lawyers, long ago, compromised our Constitutional legal system. Do the research.


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