President Donald Trump fixes one Cabinet issue Now encounters another

When Cabinet candidate– Mike Pompeo– evaded a  significant obstacle with his bid to become secretary of state, one more — Ronny Jackson– seems to be in trouble.

” Ronny Jackson’s confirmation hearing to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, was postponed because of unspecified concerns about Jackson’s background, two sources told NBC News,” as per NBC’s Hallie Jackson, Garrett Haake and also Tim Stelloh. “A White House representative pointed out the range of the accusations are not even very clear. An assistant to a Republican senator stated, people are continuing to examine Jackson’s latest history.”

The Washington Post includes, “In addition to Jackson’s lack of management experience, the former combat surgeon had come under fire for his glowing appraisal of Trump’s health following his annual physical in January. Jackson said then that the president might live to the age of 200 with a healthier diet. In recent days, fresh concerns arose about Jackson’s management of the White House medical office, said the officials, who declined to provide details.”

Donald Trump attempting to switch out cabinet members– Rex Tillerson also David Shulkin?– has been A GREAT DEAL more difficult than the commander in chief possibly ever expected.

And also, it’s even more challenging, specially when there’s very little quality control taking place. “There was no vetting on Ronny Jackson. No formal interview. No process. Now his nomination will be held up amid a probe into his behaviour,” the Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey tweeted last night.

In Case the White House isn’t vetting its choices for Cabinet secretary, just what else isn’t being vetted?


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